We're a Portuguese company that has been providing, since 1953, the health sector with innovative and high quality equipment.

As part of our activity, we offer our clients a range of services that complement the manufacture of medical and hospital equipment.

Delivery and Installation

We offer the delivery service provided by a reliable partner in transportation and cargo handling. The installation is provided by the AJC Technical Service, which also provides training to operators and technical personnel.

Warranty and Maintenance Service

Warranty is guaranteed for equipment manufactured and marketed by AJC and distributed brands. We also offer a service of Maintenance and Technical Assistance.


If a timely intervention is required, the After Sales Service will quickly and reliably diagnose and repair the equipment.


We offer the service of validation of our equipment, as well as the execution of Protocols of Installation, Operation and Performance. Consult the After Sales Service.

Remote Assistance Service

This service allows our technicians to access and intervene in the equipment in a direct way, allowing support to the technicians in the diagnosis and resolution of faults, in the reduction of equipment downtimes and in the execution of software updates.

Supply of Spare Parts and Accessories

The service desk is available to supply spare parts and accessories, thus ensuring the continued operation of the equipment we manufacture and sell.

Information about Agents

Our company has authorized agents, being represented not only in Europe, but also worldwide. Contact our service to meet our local partner.


Our company has a Permanent Training Academy. Contact us to know our training offers.